Jul 14

Tips for a Long Drive: Staying Alert on the Road

tips for a long drive

Whether you’re driving across the country or simply taking a day trip, there are important things to remember when going on a road trip. Aside from packing the right supplies, there are safety and convenience elements to consider, from eating the right food at the right time to planning your sleep schedule.

According to Nationwide, sleep is essential for a road trip. You should never drive if you got less than seven hours of sleep the night before. Generally, you should avoid driving early in the morning. For most people, this is a no-brainer. However, many doctors also suggest that you avoid driving from 1pm to 3pm, as this is also a naturally drowsy period for most drivers. You can also “stock-up” on sleep by ensuring restful sleep up to two days before a trip.

Avoid eating fast-food on the road. Instead, opt for healthy snacks like carrots and almonds. You can bring these along to ensure you make good time (nothing is more frustrating than waiting in a drive-through line), and try to drink plenty of water. You need about 8 glasses of water per day, and staying hydrated will keep you awake. However, it may increase bathroom stops.

Finally, sit up straight. Though it seems too simple to be true, good posture ensures proper blood flow. This reduces the risk of “zoning-out” when you’re driving, while also preventing back and hip pain.

These are some of the basics for long trips. Always check your car’s maintenance status and if it’s that time, service your car at Pfeiffer Used before you head out as well to make sure your car is ready to go!

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