Jun 26

Fun Summer Activities

Fun Summer Activities

Fun Summer Activities

Soaking up the summer sun is a great way to spend three months, so long as you remember sunscreen. Yet, finding other fun summer activities to partake in could be a little more of a challenge given how many options there are. So, we here at Pfeiffer Used Cars would like to share a few of our favorite fun summer activities that make for great ways to spend the day.

Spend Time at a Local Fair

While state fairs can be crowded ordeals with long lines and expensive prices, local fairs are quite the opposite. Odds are you’ll run into someone you know, the lines are manageable, and the prices are much more affordable. There’s usually games, fair food (like funnel cake), and prizes to be won, too!

Get Some Ice Cream

Even small towns tend to have a local ice cream shop that opens sometime in late spring. Affordable prices and great choices are usually the norm, too. On the off-chance that your town doesn’t have an ice cream shop, keep your eyes and ears open for an ice cream truck instead!

Take a Nap

Hammocks are a great way to both enjoy the summer sun and take a nap without lying in the grass or on a porch. Most are simple to set up and are comfortable enough for you to fall asleep in for hours at a time. Pick a shady spot, lie down, and sleep the summer days away!

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