May 22

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Spring Car Maintenance in Byron Center, MICars deal with every season differently just like people do, so it’s important to help vehicles adjust to the changing weather. Winter is harsh on cars, so spring car maintenance is mostly about helping cars recover from the winter and transitioning them into the hot summer months. Here are some essential maintenance tasks to do in the spring.

One important part of spring maintenance is cleaning the underside of your car and making sure you remove any built up salt and mud leftover from the winter. You should also clean your wheels and any other places that are hard to reach. You don’t want any part of your car to start rusting!

Winter is also harsh on your windshield wipers, so now is a great time to replace them—especially since you’ll need fresh ones for the rainy spring weather. You should also inspect your tires for damage and make sure your thread isn’t too worn.

Check all your fluids to make sure none are low and get your oil and oil filter changed. Cold weather makes your engine work harder, which means your oil gets dirty faster. Check your AC even if it’s not hot yet to make sure it’s working, and if it’s not, take it to a mechanic—you’ll definitely want that cold air when summer comes.

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