Feb 20

Great American Pie Month

Every month has its peculiar and unique “holidays.” In February, we get to celebrate Great American Pie Month! If you need an excuse to make and eat pie, you now have one. And, as the saying goes “It’s as American as apple pie,” so we’ll share some of the best apple pie recipes we can find for a delicious twist on an American classic.

  • Apple Crostata. Similar to a pie, a crostata has a pastry crust; however, it isn’t baked in a pan so it comes out much thinner. This recipe uses a variety of apples along with some cherries for a sweet, tart taste.
  • Iced Apple Pie Bars. For a recipe that delivers the sweet taste of pie, but in a less complicated form, try these bars.
  • Maple Apple Pie. This pie delicious amazing flavor since all the apple slices are soaked in maple syrup before going into the pie.
  • Apple Pie Churros. Combine your two favorite desserts into one with these delicious handheld treats.
  • Apple Crumble Pie. This pie is topped with a melt-in-your-mouth walnut crumble.
  • Quince Mince Pie. Relive childhood memories of visiting Grandma’s house when you bite into this pie that combines mincemeat and apples.

What is your favorite way to make and eat apple pie?

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