Dec 20

Buy a Used Car for Christmas

used car for christmas

While most of us don’t have the budget or desire to give someone a car as a Christmas present, if you are considering it, then the holiday season is actually an ideal time to buy. According to, buying a used car close to Christmas can get you a better deal than if you waited until later in the winter, in say February or March.

CarGurus has tracked millions of used car prices since 2010 and has found that prices usually are at their lowest from post-Thanksgiving until early January. This is because car demand is usually at its lowest. After the holidays, prices rise as demand starts to grow again.

With all the holiday stress and hubbub, it might seem crazy to add car shopping to your list, but if you want to score a great deal, it might be worth taking the time to do it.

Here at Pfeiffer Used, we have an excellent selection of quality used cars, including many under $10,000. We carry a wide range of makes, models, and year, so we likely have something that will fit your needs.

If you’re ready to make someone’s Christmas dreams come true, stop by Pfeiffer Used, and we’ll help you find the perfect choice.

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