Nov 29

Travel Tips For A Successful Holiday Trip

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Spending time with your loved ones during the holidays is one of the best gifts of all. The traveling to get to them however is usually a pain. Here are a few tips to try and help make a successful holiday trip!

The first thing you will need to look into is which means of travel will best suit you and your families travel needs.


Alternative routes: If you’re driving you will want to map out your course of travel and make sure you have a back-up route. Also, look to see if there are and detours or construction zones to watch for. Also making not of rest areas and food will be helpful.

Time and Date: When picking the best time to travel opt for the “off-peak” days and times.  Traveling in the middle of the week when everyone else is at work is often the best days. That is unless the holiday is in the middle of the week, then it would not be wise. But, taking off and leaving is often recommended early in the morning or late at night. There are typically fewer people on the roads and less people in lines at the airport.

TSA: If you are flying double check on what you can and cannot bring, check on additional baggage fees, take a few moments to early check- in on line and make sure to leave with enough time to get the whole family through security checks.

Stay Connected

Make sure you have charged phones and GPS and that you pack their chargers too. This will help in staying connected as there are many apps to assist with traveling, from food, gas prices, hotels, and airline info.


Pack light: If you are flying try to avoid checking luggage unless you really need to, to save time. This also goes for traveling by car with limited space.

Goody Bags: Pack earplugs, reading materials, headphones and tunes, these will be lifesavers no matter how you choose to travel.


To prevent a bad case of Hangry, don’t forget to eat! If you’re flying there is always the snack bar in the airport or the snack carts on the plane. However, if you’re driving make sure to pack a small cooler with snacks and beverages to avoid extra stops for snacks.


If you’re traveling via plane it is recommended to ship the presents to your destination instead of taking them on the plane. Or even just opt for gift cards.

Plan for the unexpected:

Just in case, give yourself extra time! It is always best to plan for the unexpected; Mother Nature hits at the best and worst times. So if you are flying be prepared for possible delays and if you’re driving make sure to double check the spare and pack a small emergency kit.

And Last but not least… Breathe!

Things don’t always go as planned, bumps are bound to happen along the road but the most important part for us to remember during the this time of year is the holidays are here for us to enjoy. So don’t let the stress of traveling toll on you when you get to your holiday destination! Just relax and enjoy!

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