Jun 16

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Tips for Traveling with your dog

Summer trips in the car are fun for every member of the family. That includes your four-legged family members, as well! Dogs love to take a ride in the car. However, a road trip can become dangerous for your dog if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Ensure your family pet is healthy and happy on the road by following these tips for traveling with your dog!

  1. Don’t Leave Your Dog in Your Car

Even if it’s just for a little while, leaving a dog in a parked car can have tragic consequences. During the summer, temperatures in parked cars can quickly reach dangerous levels, and can lead to your dog becoming dehydrated and overheated!

  1. Don’t Let Your Dog Stick Its Head Out the Window

A dog with its head stuck out of a car window is a classic image! However, it is not fun for the dog in the long run, as it can irritate their eyes and their nostrils.

  1. Don’t Put Your Dog in the Bed of a Truck

Make sure that there is room for your dog in your car’s cabin before you leave on a trip. The bed of a truck is not a safe place for your dog on the road, as dogs can easily escape and run into traffic!

Enjoy a nice road trip with your dog the safe way this summer! Check out some of the other fun things you can do in Grand Rapids!

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