Apr 14

Customizing Your Used Car: Automotive Accessories and Add-Ons

accessories and add-ons

Roof rails make great add-ons to your used car!

Regular maintenance and service can keep your car looking and working like new. However, owners can also opt for a range of automotive accessories and add-ons to help improve their commute and increase resale value. This is especially popular for people that buy used cars and don’t want to miss out on the latest features and options.

What constitutes an accessory or add-on? These can be things as simple as coffee mugs for the car to complex systems like performance suspension packages. According to Bankrate, the most popular custom parts add to the exterior appeal, including rims, spoilers, and mirrors among other things.

One great add-on is a multi-gigabyte navigation system. These can be expensive if you buy them on a new car, making them a great option for financially savvy buyers. In-car navigation systems or GPS systems are among the most popular. Consider buying a “stick-on” unit, a GPS that can be made portable and used on multiple cars. Many manufactures make their own GPS systems, but you can also opt for brands like Garmin and TomTom.

Infotainment systems can also add value to your car. These include things like DVD entertainment systems, satellite radio, and in-vehicle Bluetooth. Again, many of these are available through both the manufacturer and third-party brands.

What shouldn’t you buy? It’s all about what other buyers want. Avoid getting decals or trims that may only appeal to those with very specific tastes. Know those custom rims you’ve had your eye on? Consider buying only appropriate-sized rims with low-profile tires. Too big and people will think it’s flashy.

Other great add-ons for used cars include: aftermarket leather or bucket seats, remote keyless entry systems, and back-up cameras. When you buy used, you can take the money you saved to customize your ride to fit your needs.

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