Mar 22

Fuel Efficiency Tips for Spring and Summer

fuel efficiency tipsYour fuel economy is actually best in warm weather because your engine warms up so much more quickly than when it’s cold, so you’ll probably notice you’re using less gas in the next couple of months. However, there are factors that can reduce fuel economy, so follow these fuel efficiency tips to get the best out of your engine this spring.

Rolling the windows down and turning on the air conditioning both reduce fuel economy, and you’re definitely going to do one or the other as the weather gets warmer. AC takes energy from the electricity generated by your gas engine, and rolling down the windows reduces aerodynamics. You can help it by keeping your windows down at lower speeds and using your AC at higher speeds, though.

It’s also good to park in the shade if you can. Don’t turn the AC on before you take off—it cools down faster when you’re driving than when you’re idling—and roll down the windows before you turn the AC on to let hot air out so your AC doesn’t have to work as hard.

With warm weather approaching, be sure to bring your car into our service center for a tune-up!

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