Dec 19

Quick Guide to Christmas Lights for Your Car

Christmas lights for your carIf you haven’t found time to hang those icicle lights on the roof just yet – or you’re dead-set against dragging out the ladder for an optional chore – then we have a holiday-spirited solution just for you: Christmas lights for your car!

This might sound like a hideous ocular tragedy, but trust us when we say nothing screams “season’s greetings” like a string of lights that spell out “season’s greetings.”

The best news is that hanging Christmas lights for your car is actually a simple process. All you need is a 12 volt DC inverter (NOTE: this is different from a converter – make sure you pick up the right one!)

After that, just plug any kind of string lights into it and attach it to your car however you please. No need to spend hundreds on fancy battery-powered lights; we’ve got you covered for your vehicular Christmas spirit!

Caution: lights run on electricity. Moisture is bad for electricity. If your forecast calls for moisture, take down your lights!


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