Oct 20

Propping Up Wipers in Wintertime: What Does It Do?

Wipers in wintertimeAnyone who lives in an area with particularly harsh winters has probably seen a string of cars with their wipers propped up. Although it looks a little weird at first, many claim this simple act will keep your wipers in prime condition. That’s why we’ve done a little research to see if this winter tip is true or false.

Wipers in wintertime are some of your most important tools, so you want them in proper working condition. Although some claim that the wipers will tear off or damage themselves if you they get frozen to the windshield, according to NPR’s Cartalk, that’s a rare occurrence. Propping your wipers up does, however, tend to keep your wipers ice-free.

Nonetheless, one important thing to remember is that your wipers are attached to a rather small motor. It is very important that you free your wipers before driving away, because having the wipers on when they’re stuck can do serious damage to the motor. Propping your wipers up is just one way to make sure they’re always free.

Though the blades themselves are capable of handling pretty tough conditions, it’s a good idea to prop your wipers up if you know snow is on the way.

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