May 19

Used Truck Sales See Huge Upswing Heading into Summer

Used Truck Sales

2015 Ford F-150


The summer season is generally one of the best times of the year for the used car market, and this year is shaping up to be specifically great—thanks in part to used truck sales. The used truck market has seen a huge upswing in sales over the last couple months, selling 2,770 units in the month of March alone. That is a 5% increase over last year’s March.

Light truck sales continued well into April too, as the industry saw a 10.5% in truck sales in April as well. “Just like the new-vehicle market, we continue to see healthy demand for used cars,” he said. “Those same factors in the new-vehicle market, which include low financing rates, extra spending money and improving employment opportunities, are driving car buyers to the used-vehicle market as well.”

Trucks actually made up 54% of the used car market sales for the month. Come see us at Pfeiffer Used Cars to learn more about the used car market’s current trends and to see the trucks in our inventory. If you’re ready to do some heavy duty jobs this summer—or if you just like trucks—now is the perfect time to buy!

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