Apr 15

Summer Gas Prices Might Be Lowest in Last Six Years

Summer Gas Prices

After the winter freezes finally relent, and after the spring rain finally stops, we finally arrive each year at summer. And with the warmer weather comes the overwhelming urge to travel—an urge that has been harder to satiate the last few years due to unusually high gas prices. Well, fortunately, it looks like this summer will be different.

The Energy Department is projecting the national average price of gas to drop a full 32% from last year, going down all the way to $2.45 per gallon on average between April and September. It’s the lowest average price in the last six years, which is lucky, since the low prices coincide with America’s most heavily travelled months.

“It’s a very realistic average, but like a lot of averages, it doesn’t speak to some of the lumpiness you’ll see,” said Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst of OPIS. Here at Pfeiffer Used Cars, we’re hoping that the average is more than realistic—that it is indeed accurate. If the summer gas prices are as low as expected, we hope to see you all down here checking out Pfeiffer Used Car’s inventory and looking for the perfect car to take on all your summer vacations!

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