Apr 08

Routine Car Care Tips to Help Celebrate Car Care Month!

Routine Car Care Tips

April isn’t just the first full month of spring—it’s also Car Care Month! To celebrate the weather getting warmer (and to keep your car running smoothly) Pfeiffer Used Cars has gathered a few routine car care tips that are sure to make your car run like new!

Give your tires a check up—and a rotation. Every few months, you should give your tires the check up they need, especially as the weather warms up. Changes in weather can cause a change in your tire pressure, so make sure your tires are still at the proper pressure for optimal performance. Also, check your tire tread and get your tires rotated.

Double check your fluid levels. Your car has many vital fluids that help it run. It’s important to ensure your fluid levels are always right to ensure your car continues running well. Check fluids regularly, such as your oil and coolant, to ensure your car runs smoothly.

Spruce up the interior and exterior. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house—it’s for your car, too! Take your vehicle on a trip through the car wash to ensure that all of the salt and grime from the winter is rinsed away. Also, give your interior a nice vacuuming and rub down to get all of the accumulated dust and debris out of the way.

Clean up your battery. The battery is the life of any car, so it’s important that it remains clean. Give your battery’s terminals a good cleaning to reduce the likelihood of your car not starting!

If you follow these routine car care tips all year round, there’s no doubt that your car will have a long life! For more tips, just check back with Pfeiffer Used Cars.

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