Apr 03

Icy Road Tips to Keep You Safe As Snow Turns to Rain

Icy Road Tips

Though it’s easy to identify winter snow as the one of the most dangerous weather-related hazards on the road, the seasonal switch to warmer temperatures in the spring brings its own set of problems.

When rain and sleet first begin to hit the road, they can form what is called “black ice,” making it almost impossible to gain traction between your tires and the ground. Here are some icy road tips to keep you safe in such conditions:

  • Slow down and even consider stopping entirely (on the side of the road) if you suspect a layer of black ice or are nervous about weather conditions.
  • Leave much more room between your vehicle and those around it than you normally would for more stopping space.
  • Turn on your headlights, turn off your cruise control, and keep your eyes peeled; visibility is key.
  • Even if it’s not very cold, rain can create very slippery surfaces when first touching the ground. Keep in mind, even if it’s not entirely black ice, you still run the risk of hydroplaning.

Do you have any helpful tips for driving in the icy rain? Let us know in the comments.

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