Mar 18

Proven Tips for Increasing Fuel Efficiency

tips for increasing fuel efficiency

It could be anywhere: maybe at the office, Facebook, or even at the grocery store. It seems someone always has an idea how to save on gas. These suggestions can get as crazy as believing kinking the hose on the gas pump will get you more gas for your money. tested many popular tips for increasing fuel efficiency.  We at Pfeiffer Used Cars had to share the results.

TIRE PRESSURE. Although proper tire pressure is very important for safety and extending the life, they did not find that under-inflated tires reduced efficiency by any measurable degree.

IDLING. Excessive idling can increase your fuel consumption by 20%! That’s highly significant and worth cutting back on.

LOWER SPEED.  It’s pretty well-founded that traveling at lower speeds can help fuel economy. And that is exactly what Edmunds found as well. On a long trip, you can get up to 14% savings.

AGGRESSIVE DRIVING.  Turns out, this one is true as well. Brake easy and watch your acceleration. No putting the pedal to the metal! Why not? It could save you a whopping 37%.

For some people this may mean changing their driving a lot; for others, not so much. The trick is to try it for month. Once you start seeing tangible savings, it’ll get a lot easier to implement.

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