Mar 11

Once Upon an Extremely Cold Morning: Making Sure Your Car Starts

Making sure your car starts

We all have those days when we would prefer to stay in our warm pajamas rather than venture into the cold. But let’s be honest: pajama days aren’t always an option.

There are few things more frustrating than waking up on a frigid morning and pushing away every devilish thought that lulls you back under the covers…only to find your vehicle won’t start. While it may be protesting and require a jump from a nearby friend, here are a few helpful tips from us at Pfeiffer Used Cars to help make sure your car starts on those extremely cold mornings.

  1. Are all of your devices turned off? Conserve battery power for your engine by turning off devices like your radio or heater. We also recommend you refrain from setting the parking brake during this time: you may find that your engine starts but the vehicle is still frozen in place.
  2. Is your antifreeze reservoir filled? The reservoir should be topped off with a 50/50 mixture of blue, pink, or green-colored antifreeze and water. Due to the extremely cold weather, you can even use a mixture of up to 70% antifreeze and 30% water. If the solution is not the proper color, schedule an appointment with our service technicians here at Pfeiffer Used Cars to flush and refill the system.
  3. Do you have gas? Your gas tank should not fall below half full. This helps to prevent the gas lines from freezing.

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