Feb 18

Tips to Preserve the Life of Your Battery

Preserve the Life of your Battery

The battery—it’s the life-giving organ of your vehicle! So, how are you taking care of it? In honor of National Battery Day, here are several tips to preserve the life of your battery.


  1. Be prepared! For those just-in-case scenarios when you forget to unplug your car accessories or turn off your lights and your battery falls below 12.4 Volts, here is a refresher on how to use those electricity-transferring lifesavers to get your motor started.


  1. Keep it insulated! The ideal place to store your vehicle during these lingering cold winter months is inside an insulated garage; however, we realize that not everyone is able to do this. If your car is exposed to those overnight winter conditions, consider insulating your battery.


  1. Keep it clean! Grease, dirt, and oxidation on the battery connections can weaken its charge. With gloves, remove the clamps; carefully clean the battery and terminals with a solution of water and baking soda. After cleaning, ensure the battery is secured–you don’t want battery acid spilling into your motor.


If you have any questions about battery maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Pfeiffer Used Cars–it’s our pleasure to help.

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