Jan 28

Tips for Travelling with your Dog

dogIn honor of Train Your Dog Month, we thought it would be a good time to talk about driving with man’s best friend, and the dos and don’ts of travelling with a pet. While the image of a person driving down the road with their dog happily hanging out the window—wind in their fur—seems idyllic, the truth is that’s a dangerous way to cruise.

We don’t want to be the fun police, but we think you and your furry friend can have just as much fun on the road in a much safer way. Here are our tips for travelling with your pet.

Make sure your pet is comfortable riding in the car. Check out this helpful infographic from The News Wheel, which will help you train your dog to ride in the car. A sick, anxious, or uncomfortable dog can be a hazard and a distraction in the car (plus, it’s no fun for your pet).

Your dog needs to be appropriately restrained. There are a number of options–from harnesses to crates – that will keep your dog restrained. An unrestrained dog can be a distraction, and worse, can be become a projectile in the event of a collision.

Bring supplies. Make sure you have water, food, bowls, comfort items like favorite toys or blankets, bags for cleaning up after your pet, treats, towels and cleaning supplies (accidents happen), and your pet’s medications. Being prepared for your road trip is half the battle.

Practice common sense. Never leave your dog in a hot or freezing car. If it’s too hot or too cold for you, it’s definitely not ok for your pet to be left in the car. Make frequent stops to allow your dog to stretch his legs and feed him on a normal schedule.

Still have questions? Consumer Reports offers additional tips and advice for travelling with your pet!

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