Aug 31

ArtPrize 2016 Competition Coming to Grand Rapids Soon

Eight years ago, ArtPrize began in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to experiment with a new kind of art event. For almost three weeks starting in mid-September, the ArtPrize 2016 competition opens up the conversation about art, its meaning, and what it is to the masses by covering three square miles in different forms of creative expression. Anyone can contribute to the competition, which is judged both by a panel of experts and public vote.

Art Friends Walking The Street - Grand Rapids, MI

ArtPrize 2016 will take over Grand Rapids, Michigan in mid-September.

Self-described as radically open,” ArtPrize will provide hundreds of exhibitions, galas, receptions, and other events and feature works in three categories: Critical Discourse, ArtPrize on Screen, and ArtPrize on Stage. Whether it’s through music, film, performance, or whatever else, you’re welcome to become an “ArtPrizer” by expressing yourself to the public. Or, if you’d rather stay out of the spotlight, you can start previewing all the event has to offer starting September 14th before voting opens on the 21st.

The ArtPrize 2016 competition and all the annual events that preceded it are unlike anything ever before seen in the realm of art. Have you ever wondered who says what is and isn’t art? Here, you decide what has artistic merit and deserves to be recognized, so come down to Grand Rapids mid-September for the experience of a lifetime.


Aug 24

Driving Safety Tips for the Back-to-School Season

back to school season - Grand Rapids, MI

Driving safe is more important than ever with school back in session!

With the kids going back to school soon and all the preparation that entails, it can be easy to forget the nightmare of driving in congested traffic during morning drop-off, getting stuck behind a bus in your neighborhood, or cruising at a snail’s pace through a school zone.

Here are a few driving safety tips for the back-to-school season that should help keep you and your kids safe while keeping traffic flow efficient.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed and in a hurry when dropping kids off before work, but remember to stay calm and take your time. Check for other children walking into the street. Kids will be standing at bus stops and walking into school from their parents’ cars, so you should be extra careful around those areas.

In order to reduce traffic, try starting a carpool with other children. You also should never drop children off across the street from a school, and for those kids who are walking from across the street, pay attention to cross walks and any signs instructing you to yield to pedestrians.

More children get hit near schools than in any other location, so it’s important to obey laws that accommodate the safety of children traveling to school.

Try using these driving safety tips to keep traffic moving without endangering the lives of students.

Jul 26

James Corden’s 5 Best Carpool Karaoke Performances

By now, you’ve probably seen one of James Corden’s viral hits from The Late Late Show, Carpool Karaoke. From Adele, to One Direction, to even The First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, James Corden has had just about everybody singing at the top of their lungs with him. With so many great performances it’s hard to choose favorites, but here is our ranking of the 5 Best Carpool Karaoke performances.


5) Justin Bieber

Justin is a repeat Carpool Karaoke guest and he and James bring the laughs every time. Their chemistry is great and we definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a show of just these two!

4) Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas

Former Disney stars Demi and Nick get together for this hit filled carpool karaoke session! Best friends in real life, these two are a treat to watch together!

3) Broadway Stars

Creator of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda, Broadway legend Audra McDonald, Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Modern Family star Jane Krakowski all combined in this star studded session for the Tony Awards! When you get this many great voices in one car, some truly great musical magic is bound to happen!

2) Michelle Obama

The First Lady of The United States of America, Missy Elliot, and James Corden all in one car? Dream team! It’s impossible not to smile while watching this one, we just hope the next time Michelle brings Barack Obama along for a surprise visit!

1) Adele

Adele is a legend and from her classic hits, to her breaking out Nicki Minaj’s verse in “Monster”, this takes home our #1 best carpool karaoke performance of all time (so far). The way Adele reacts when she realizes James can actually sing is priceless, and the humor between these two is not to be missed!

We hope you all got as much joy out of these videos as we did at Dan Pfeiffer Used Cars. Who do you want to see James Corden singing with next?


Jul 25

3 Tips for a Stress-Free Road Trip

road trip - Grand Rapids, MI

What are your tips for a stress-free road trip? Let us know!

Vacations are a relaxing getaway from the stress of everyday life. However, getting to those vacation destinations can often cause more stress than you are escaping from! Road trips can often become very frustrating as they move along. Avoid this frustration with these 3 tips for a stress-free road trip.

Tip #1: Pack Entertaining Distractions

If you pack your entire family into one vehicle for an extended period of time, then they are sure to eventually get on each other’s nerves. However, if you bring along entertaining distractions, like movies or audiobooks, then the trip will include much less arguing.

Tip #2: Clean Your Vehicle

Staying inside the cabin of a vehicle for extended hours can already make passengers feel cramped. That claustrophobic feeling is only amped up when the car’s cabin is a cluttered mess! Clean your car’s interior to avoid this uncomfortable seating situation.

Tip #3: Make Frequent Stops

Even the most focused of drivers will start to feel drowsy after continuous hours of driving on the highway. To avoid this freeway fatigue, make sure to make frequent stops on your road trip in order to recharge your energy levels and stay focused for the road up ahead.

When you follow this road trip tips, your journey to your vacation will be much more enjoyable!

Jun 16

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Tips for Traveling with your dog

Summer trips in the car are fun for every member of the family. That includes your four-legged family members, as well! Dogs love to take a ride in the car. However, a road trip can become dangerous for your dog if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Ensure your family pet is healthy and happy on the road by following these tips for traveling with your dog!

  1. Don’t Leave Your Dog in Your Car

Even if it’s just for a little while, leaving a dog in a parked car can have tragic consequences. During the summer, temperatures in parked cars can quickly reach dangerous levels, and can lead to your dog becoming dehydrated and overheated!

  1. Don’t Let Your Dog Stick Its Head Out the Window

A dog with its head stuck out of a car window is a classic image! However, it is not fun for the dog in the long run, as it can irritate their eyes and their nostrils.

  1. Don’t Put Your Dog in the Bed of a Truck

Make sure that there is room for your dog in your car’s cabin before you leave on a trip. The bed of a truck is not a safe place for your dog on the road, as dogs can easily escape and run into traffic!

Enjoy a nice road trip with your dog the safe way this summer! Check out some of the other fun things you can do in Grand Rapids!

Jun 09

Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Cool During the Summer

Driving your car to different destinations during the summer is extremely enjoyable! What is less enjoyable is just how hot the inside of your vehicle can become. Hot summer days lead to scorching surfaces in your vehicle’s cabin. Luckily, there are several ways to keep your vehicle cool during the summer and beat the heat!


  1. Park in a Covered Garage

The best way to keep your vehicle cool is to get it out of the sun. The perfect way to do so is by parking your vehicle in a covered garage while it is not in use.

  1. Cover the Seats with Blankets

Nothing is worse than sitting down on your vehicle’s leather seats, only to discover just how hot the summer sun has made them! In order to avoid such an uncomfortable experience, consider covering those seats up with blankets.

  1. Use a Window Dash Cover

Your seats aren’t the only part of the car that you can cover up! By investing in a dashboard cover for your front window, you can make sure that the inside of your vehicle doesn’t become nearly as hot.


By following these tips, you can avoid an uncomfortable experience when starting up your car during the dog days of summer.

Ways to keep your vehicle cool

May 29

The Different Types of Sunscreen and Which Works Best for You

Everyone knows that sunscreen protects you from the sun’s UV rays – and, by extension, protects you from sunburns, skin damage, and even possibly skin cancer. But do you know the different types of sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreen is the best type of sunscreen for swimming, days in the ocean, and for activities that involve a lot of sweating. This type of sunscreen works immediately and will not be washed away. However, chemical sunscreen is only effective for a few hours at a time.

On the other hand, physical sunscreen is the best type of sunscreen for long days with little activity, when there is no risk that your sunscreen will be rinsed off. As long as it is not removed, physical sunscreen does not nee to be re-applied.

So when it comes to choosing a sunscreen, it’s important to think about your plans. Are you looking for beach protection when you hop in and out of the ocean? Chemical. Or are you looking for an everyday sunscreen that you won’t rub off? Physical.

For more summer safety tips, visit us anytime at Pfeiffer Used!

May 08

Explore These Fun, Summer Grand Rapids Activities This Season

Summer Grand Rapids ActivitiesLooking for something to do this spring or summer? Luckily for residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan and those of us nearby, the list of activities and possibilities is practically endless. Here are some fun summer Grand Rapids activities to keep in mind:


  • Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park – The warm weather brings out the most beautiful plants of the year. Learn more here.
  • John Ball Zoo – Why not treat your entire family to an education treat that any animal-lover will adore? Learn more here.
  • Grand Rapids Symphony – Or if you prefer a musical scene, consider a night at the top-notch Grand Rapids Symphony. Learn more here.
  • Fulton Street Farmers Market – And lastly, while the weather is right, enjoy the freshest, finest produce that Grand Rapids has to offer. Learn more here.


And if you’d like to start the season out with a bran new vehicle, why not pay us a visit here at Pfeiffer Used? Our enormous selection is sure to include your next car!

Apr 28

What to Do If Your Car Won’t Start: Avoid Getting Stranded

what to do if your car won’t startUnderstanding what to do if your car won’t start is an important part of being a responsible vehicle owner. No one wants to get stranded on the side of the road, something that is especially likely to happen if you don’t have a roadside emergency plan. No matter how reliable you think your car is, you should always have a backup plan.

First things first, get to somewhere you know you will be safe. Although it may be difficult to leave your car unattended, your safety should always come first. Never talk to strangers that may approach you, even if they seem friendly.

Next, listen to your car. Odds are your battery is dead if your car won’t start, according to Geico. If the car clicks instead of turning over, you may have a dying or dead battery. Try the lights as well. If they are dim or don’t turn on, this is further evidence that you may have an electrical problem. Tighten and clean connections, and try jumping the car if possible.

If the car cranks but doesn’t start, there could be a range of issues. In cold weather, your fuel lines may have frozen. In wet weather, water may have affected the spark plugs. At this point, try calling a friend or a service like AAA if possible.

Finally, preventative measures are the best way to avoid getting stranded. Always perform regular maintenance like oil changes and have routine inspections. Taking your car in for service could save you loads of money in the long run.

Apr 14

Customizing Your Used Car: Automotive Accessories and Add-Ons

accessories and add-ons

Roof rails make great add-ons to your used car!

Regular maintenance and service can keep your car looking and working like new. However, owners can also opt for a range of automotive accessories and add-ons to help improve their commute and increase resale value. This is especially popular for people that buy used cars and don’t want to miss out on the latest features and options.

What constitutes an accessory or add-on? These can be things as simple as coffee mugs for the car to complex systems like performance suspension packages. According to Bankrate, the most popular custom parts add to the exterior appeal, including rims, spoilers, and mirrors among other things.

One great add-on is a multi-gigabyte navigation system. These can be expensive if you buy them on a new car, making them a great option for financially savvy buyers. In-car navigation systems or GPS systems are among the most popular. Consider buying a “stick-on” unit, a GPS that can be made portable and used on multiple cars. Many manufactures make their own GPS systems, but you can also opt for brands like Garmin and TomTom.

Infotainment systems can also add value to your car. These include things like DVD entertainment systems, satellite radio, and in-vehicle Bluetooth. Again, many of these are available through both the manufacturer and third-party brands.

What shouldn’t you buy? It’s all about what other buyers want. Avoid getting decals or trims that may only appeal to those with very specific tastes. Know those custom rims you’ve had your eye on? Consider buying only appropriate-sized rims with low-profile tires. Too big and people will think it’s flashy.

Other great add-ons for used cars include: aftermarket leather or bucket seats, remote keyless entry systems, and back-up cameras. When you buy used, you can take the money you saved to customize your ride to fit your needs.

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